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    Pain/inflammation behind knee cap


    I need some help and insight.

    I have a problem with my left knee after biking for more than an hour. My right knee is perfectly pain free. I seem to have "pain" right behind my knee cap. I quote pain ... but it isn't painful ... but it seems that my knee isn't tracking correctly. The repetitive motion of bending my knee is the cause. It's hard for me to explain the symptoms ... but it feels something is rubbing and I'm getting iritation/inflammation behind my knee cap. I have absolutely NO ligament pain or muscle soreness .. nothing on my lateral or posterior part of my knee. Just anterior and medial. Inflammation/iritation is the best words to describe the pain. Off the bike ... it takes a few days for my knee to recover. And walking (bending) causes very minor discomfort.

    I've had my bike fitted by 2 different bike shops and my cleats aligned. So I'm ruling out my bike fit.

    I've searching these forums and google ... and the best diagnosis I can come up with is "Runner's Knee". I do have flat feet.

    On Monday I'm going to call my PCP for a referal to a ortho. doc.

    But until then ... any thoughts or more literature for me to read up on.

    I'm a little bummed right now! :-(

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    It sounds like you could have some problems with the cartilage inside your knee which could be damaged. This happens to a large amount of people and is caused by many factors not just running. I found a good article that might give you some more insight into the problem you could have and related information to it. I really hope this is not the problem but it will be better to go see the doctor knowing some information of what it possibly could be.

    Also I would be careful until you see the doctor because you could injure the other knee. Since you have some pain in your left knee your body will try and pick up the slack on the right causing more stress. This can cause for the same issue to happen on the other side over time.
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