I picked up some endurolite power the other day. I pretty much think it is the same stuff just not in the capsule. It was the first time I had see it available.

So I did a century on Saturday and mixed the power in with some Hammer Gel, I did 5 servings total but it was not real hot. Suggested servings was 1 to 3 per hour. I am thinking since it was not real hot I was ok with one.

ANYWAY...it worked great. That was the only food I had the whole ride and I felt pretty good....I have a bit less than 5 servings of Hammer Gel and the Endurolite's.

I didn't really have a question I just wanted to pass on my good experiance. This coming weekend (at Hotter than Hell) I will do the same thing but maybe add a few more servings of Endurolites..