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    Training regimen

    Hi, I hope to be racing collegiate this year and I recently got a heart rate monitor. However, I don't know what my training regimen should look like. I was thinking someone along the lines of

    Monday- long solo ride (aerobic)
    Tuesday- fast group ride (short)
    Wednesday- intervals
    Thursday- fast group ride (short)
    Friday- recovery ride
    Saturday- fast group ride (long)
    Sunday- rest day

    How does this look? Also, how would I use my heart rate monitor in conjunction with my riding?

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    Your riding regiment is really talored to your needs I would say. Everyones body reacts a little different to trainning and some need more recovery days and other need less. I would say your looks fine. Your fast group rides should work on ur Anaerobic zone so be prepaired for a very hard ride.

    For your heart rate monitor that can be very useful to see how hard you are working. Your heart rate depending on many factors helps you determine if you are working in ur aerobic, anaerobic, or VO2 zones. I normally ride in my anaerobic zones with sprinting and trainning into the V02 zones during rides. It will also help you see if you are working to hard, cause if you are working to hard you could be cause harm. Its mainly their for your trainning to ensure you are getting the most out of every ride and not slacking off.

    Here a chart that will show you the different zones and were you would be, now this is an average so you could see high or low numbers.
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