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    Strength loss in back mystery

    I have a longstanding back injury that i maintain/keep on top of buy doing crunches to keep the strength up.

    Whenever i accidently pull/rinjured my back i go straight to my chiropractor for some realignment and he sorts it out straight away - no lasting damage caused.

    A few weeks ago i was on holiday and reinjured myself. I was unable to get to the chiropractor straight away this caused swelling/inflammation in the area of the injury. Normally if i reinjure my back swelling doesn't happen doesnt happen cuz i can get to the chiropractor straight away.

    I was unable to do my crunches for about a week and a half. However when i was fit enough to crunch again i noticed that my back had lost a significant amount strenth. I reduced the amount of crunches i do prior to the reinjury and am now build them back up again.

    Anyone got any idea why i have lost such significant amount of back strength. Granted i have a longstanding back injury but i only stopped my crunches for a short while
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    crunches only strengthen your abdomen not your back

    if your looking to strength your back you need to do exercises that recruit those muscles

    things like pull up lat pull down, rowing exercises.

    have a look at

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