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    Rollers and wheels

    I am new to rollers this year and so far I am liking them quite a bit. I bought a set of Travel Trac's when they went on sale and so far so good. The one thing I am noticing and I'm not sure if it is me or the rollers or my bikes, but I get a pretty steady whump-whump when I am on them. I at first thought it was the wheels on my older Cannondale which could probably use some attention. Now I'm not so sure since I just put together another bike and the wheels on that seem to be really smooth and round and yet I still get the same whump-whump. Is it me, the rollers, or do I just HTFU?
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    The rollers should be very quiet. Watch your front valve stem go around. If the whump is in time with that, it's your tires. If it's very, very much faster, it's a roller. Performance will replace defective units.

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