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    common hip/leg injuries from cycling; links & info

    article from the american academy of family physicians...
    includes handy tables of risk factors, injuries, and bike fit considerations

    two-parter covering a spectrum of injuries

    piriformis syndrome; not to be confused 'sciatica' which is a spinal complication...
    this is compression on the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle

    an improper saddle fit can greatly irritate the "sit bone"

    stress to the iliotibial band, the large tendon that joins the femur to the knee...
    a common injury to the thigh from running, cycling, hiking, weight lifting, etc.
    pain (stinging) just above the knee,
    and/or swelling of the tissue wherever the band moves along the femur.
    occuring not all at once, builds up over time, especially when foot strikes the ground...
    have bowed legs? you're a prime candidate for ITBS

    one guy's account of his battle with ITBS:

    injury or irritation of the bursa of the greater trochanter...
    it acts as a shock absorber to the muscles that move along the bony outer part of your femur/hip...
    it can by itself become annoyed, or pain here can be the result of iliotibial band syndrome...
    have a leg-length discrepancy? this could be your problem

    "snapping hip syndrome"; fairly easy to identify by its 'sound'

    ... there's a bunch more to be known about knee/ankle/back/wrist/etc. injuries from cycling, but i'm drawing upon my own recent experience in sharing these links... only the unknown is scary - study up and be prepared if it happens to you!

    and the most important thing -- if you even THINK you're suffering from Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) then STOP AND REST UP. this is not something you can power your way through. it requires time to mend.
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