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    Heart Rate Recovery

    What is my heart rate recovery zone (in terms of percentage of MHR)?

    I've been keeping track of my heart rate using a heart rate monitor with two zones, HRR, etc. But I really haven't drawn any benefit from it. I don't really use the results to train for anything. What can I do with all this data?

    I read that Heart Rate Recovery Time is one of the best indicators of training. My HRM lets you set a recovery zone (high hr and low hr) and then reports the time it takes to go from the high to the low. But I have no idea what zone to configure. Also, what is the best way to measure HRR? Obviously, if I enter the HRR range and then do something active, it will keep my HR from getting to that low, and so won't be a very objective measure of HRR time. Any ideas?

    Some biostatistics: I'm 26 years old, and a serious cyclist (thinking about racing). My resting heart rate is around 55, and my maximum observed heart rate from the past year is 202.


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    Set the low at Aerobic (75%) and the high at AT. That should give you some good data.

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