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    Standing position intervals on CycleOps2 Fluid Trainer?

    I was wondering if any of you do standing-position intervals on your CycleOps2 fluid trainer, and if so, what rpm you pedal at.

    I tried doing them on mine (setup with my Cervelo P2C on maximum gearing), but at the lowrpm of a typical hill climb (60ish), there's not enough resistance on the downstroke, so I get a sudden "give" with each downstroke. I thus can't do standing hi-gear climbs - although seated ones at 80+ rpm are really tough if I keep it up for 3+ minutes at a time.

    I'm not heavy (145lbs) and not a competitive racer (lots of guys faster than me on the fast group wknd ride), so I was surprised that the resistance of this unit isn't higher. Unless mine is defective?

    (I have tightened locked down the rear handle, to the point that it indents the rear wheel when locked down. Definitely no slippage in back.)
    Cervelo P2C Dura-Ace 2008

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    Is it a newer model Fluid 2? If so, Saris had the idea to try and make it have a more road like feel. Unfortunately doing a low rpm, high resistance workout is not going to happen with the trainer. When you stand your weight is enough to make it feel easier that really climbing a hill. I have an older Fluid 2(maybe 4years old) and it has a smaller flywheel and more fluid inside. It has so much resistance that do the majority of my workouts (I race) in the small ring!

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