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    Workouts While on Travel

    In my early 60's and just getting back into cycling. My goal in the spring is to ride a few centuries likely with climbing involved. Haven't run seriously for 20 years and back then is when I also did my cycling. Cycling is going fine. Rides range from 15 to 40 miles with some hills and I've got a nasty climb that I'll eventually get to the top of. My problem is travel. Last year I traveled almost 50% of the time and exercise equipment even in a decent hotel is limited. At best I have a choice between an elliptical trainer and a stationary recumbent bike. I won't use a treadmill because I can't get my heart rate up walking and I hated the things even when I was a runner. My inclination is to use the stationary bike, but these things are so unrepresentative that one wonders if they even use the same muscles. Or do I just use whatever and consider the week a cardio week.

    BTW, I don't really have time with my schedule to get to a gym, but thinking about dumbbells which are generally also available. Anyone got a good dumbbell for dummies reference?
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    Given an elliptical trainer, a stationary recumbent bike, and a treadmill .... I'd choose either the treadmill, or going for a walk outside. You don't have to get your HR up to 80% of max every time you work out to maintain your fitness level.

    Given an elliptical trainer, an upright stationary bike, and a treadmill .... I'd choose the upright stationary bike and going for a walk outside. And in fact, that's exactly what I'm doing this month.

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    I used to travel 4 days, every week.

    I got to where I could do a pretty killer workout with nothing but a hotel room floor, if needed. Although running shoes are nice. A decent gym was just a major bonus.

    - running ain't bad, but I did intervals instead of long jogs
    - stairwells make for great hill repeats - run up, walk down. try to be quiet for the people in adjoining rooms
    - some hotels have free guest passes for local full-size gyms
    - I hate and never used the tiny little gyms that most have
    - learn basic core work, calisthenics, etc. For example look at and related sites.
    - for a cyclist, lunges and hindu squats can do a lot of good
    - during the week I focused on intervals / strength / speed. Weekends were for endurance.

    here's one example:
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