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Thread: Steady State

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    Steady State

    Steady State With a Twist, with Mike Durner

    I have been working out on my trainer with Carmichael Training System-Class 5 Steady State. This training appears to really be helping me increase both my endurance and speed.

    I have a couple questions. When the instructor tells you to increase your cadence from 85 to 95 but keeping your power the same does he mean to down shift to an easier gear so that the power is constant. I am not sure if I should keep the gearing constant or if I should shift to an easier gear.

    If you are on a trainer would speed be an indicator of power? Example if your cadence on the trainer is 85 RPM and your speed is 20 mph and you shift to an easier gear but you increase your cadance to 100
    rpm but your speed is still 20mph is your power equal in both gears?


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    Yes, if the speed is the same, the power is the same as well...

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    Yes, downshift to increase cadence and keep speed and power the same. Your HR will increase at a higher cadence, but your leg effort will decrease, at least it will when you get good at putting out power at high cadence.

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