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    Global Ride: Maui Rollers and epicRIDES: Epic Vermont

    Added a couple more training DVDs from new series to my collection.

    Maui Rollers:

    -Too short(Some may find it useful, but the bonus Yoga session is of no value to me, and I'd have rather had another 30 minutes of cycling footage instead)
    -Didn't like the droplets of rain on the camera lens during the first section of the route. I assume it was an intentional effort to enhance the atmosphere since some the music for that section has to do with rain. Sort of got used to it, but I'd have rather done without it.
    -The various audio tracks are a mixed bag. Having the variety is nice but overall the coaching is lackluster. Liked the Aussie coach best, but the music is too loud in comparison to his coaching audio. The music can be switched off though.
    -Not many complaints about the camera work. Most of the camera angle switching is to look back at a trailing cyclist. It's not done a whole lot, but it's still more than I'd like.
    +This is the type of road/setting I prefer for a cycling DVD. It's twisty, has enough variation in elevation to help break the monotony and has just enough traffic to add to visual interest without being annoying.
    +Camera stays pointed straight up the road most of the time. This is a big point in its favor for me. My taste in camera work runs to the minimalist(don't be trying to show me the scenery by looking around with the camera, don't be switching camera angles to look at other cyclists or for no apparent reason whatsoever. Thankfully, there's not much of that in Maui Rollers.)
    +Uncluttered screen. There are occasional pop-up graphics, but most of the time the view is unobstructed.
    +Actual music instead monotonous looped "music".

    Epic Vermont:

    -Too short.
    -Camera work/editing isn't to my tastes, but it's skilled. Some odd moments where it feels like it was filmed at a higher rate of travel then slowed down for the DVD. This is a multi-camera video and there's a lot of switching from camera to camera(in that respect, it's similar to the RIDES series that includes Las Vegas Valley of Fire and The Rockies .)
    -Repetitive music but I've heard worse on cycling DVDs.
    -Unnecessary graphics. There's a graph of the route that's across the bottom of the screen all the time. I don't need a label telling me that they're using the "bike cam"--I can see that they're using it(Spinervals On the Road DVDs are bad about that, too.)
    -No coaching commentary.
    +Group ride with four cyclists. I'd say this is the biggest point in Epic Vermont's favor.
    +Decent road & scenery.
    +Good DVD if you're looking for a steady climb workout.
    +Good DVD if you have other types of VR DVDs and want a multi-cam one for variety.

    These are both actually pretty good cycling DVDs. Neither has the intensity of a Spinervals workout, but they're both nice road-based training DVDs. My preference is Maui Rollers. YMMV.
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