I recall reading that extra Iron in vitamins was actually UNHEALTHY for men over 20yo. (and also healthy and beneficial to GIVE blood twice a year)

Anyway I take a simple MultiVitamin that is specifically designed w/NO Iron (Centrum Silver even though I am a decade away from 50)

Now after reading about someone with "tiredness", I am wondering if maybe my fatigue the day after a hard group ride (~50miles/day @22mph on weekends) is due to a lack of iron. (I eat well - only occasionally beef)

I have been doing these weekend rides for 4mths (and before that was in decent non-cycling shape). I figure by now, I should be more acclimated to the demands of weekend riding and not require as much recovery. I still work-out the day after Sunday's ride, but until I hit the gym, I am definitely fatigued/tired.