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    2-day Stage Race Nutrition (ATTN: Hammer fans)

    I've got a stage race coming up, and I'm trying to solidify my nutrition plan for the weekend. I'm planning on using all Hammer products, so hopefully you Hammer users can chime in on this one.

    My schedule looks like this:

    8:50 AM - crit race, 15 miles (~30-40 minutes)
    1:55 PM - TT, 10 miles (a little less than 30 minutes)

    ~11:15 AM - road race, 51 miles (~2.5-3 hours long)

    I'm mostly worried about recovery and the road race.

    After all my races, I'm planning on using Recoverite. However, I'm not sure if I should use it after the crit, considering another race is coming up later in the day. Will I get the full benefit, or should I just be using something like Heed or Perpetuem? Also, I've heard that liquid calories are better for in between races (of course I'm going to get some solid food), is this true?

    Road Race:
    I like to eat some solid foods during long rides. Usually I take a combination of clif bars/banana/homemade energy bars with me on rides of this distance. However, I feel like a combination of Heed or Perpetuem along with some solid food or gels would be most ideal in a race situation. I'm thinking about something like a combination of: clif bar, heed/perpetuem in the bottle, gels when I need a little kick. How does this sound? Should I even bother with perpetuem, just stick with heed?

    Thanks guys!
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