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Thread: Ear throbbing

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    Ear throbbing

    I was in a bad car accident last year (semi slammed into the back of my car) and I got tired of sitting around a getting fat.

    it still hurts too much to go to the gym so I picked up a bike and started cycling again.

    I've noticed that when I finish riding my ears and sometimes my throat, more so my ears though, are throbbing.

    I've done a little reading and someone mentioned that it might have to do with not breathing correctly while riding. Something about muscles in my neck that help assist my lungs with breathing are working over time and causing the throbbing.

    so I'm here to ask if anyone else has experienced this and what did you do to correct it.

    also what are some ways that I can help train myself to breathe better while cycling.


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    Excessive use of "accessory muscles" for breathing, or "high chest breathing" might be a cause. With forceful inhalation, muscles in your neck may be pulling up on your collarbone to expand your upper chest. Try keep your shoulders relaxed and down. Place your hands on your lower ribcage and breathe in such that you feel your lower ribs expanding. You will feel your belly push out as your diaphragm pulls down. Given your history, ou should see your doctor about this to rule out medical problems before proceeding with a vigorous exercise program.
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