I took a tumble on Friday. I had gotten a front tire flat earlier in my ride and replaced with a new tube and filled with my co2 cartridge. The tire pressure never got to what I considered full, but I started out riding again. I later learned I was not using 16g cartidges which was my problem.

That lack of proper tire pressure caused the tire to roll as I took a corner too tight...and fast, and I went down. My right knee and elbow took the brunt of the fall but thankfully I only ended up with a good case of road rash on them.

My knee though is not quite the same a few days later. If I straighten it out completely I am getting pain in the back of my leg. Not a wincing pain...but not real comfortable either. I have no bruising or swelling so I'm thinking I just strained it in the fall. Hope so anyway.

My question to all you internet forum Dr.'s out there is should I give it a few more days before riding again, or test it out and see how I do with it?

I don't want to make things worse...but I don't want to be a baby about it either.