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    Charity ride: 100mi Sat, 75 way to train?

    Whatap fellas -

    I'm currently in the midst of training for the Cape Cod Getaway, my first organized ride...

    Of course i signed up for the longest route - 100 miles on Saturday and 75 on Sunday....the 100 is primarily flat, and the 75 is flat up to the final 10 miles or so (awsome)

    anyway, how should i train?? since its been warm enough to ride i've logged about 200 miles in this spring, my longest being a 50 mile loop...i'd say the average ride between 20-30 miles of decent hills, and when i have free time (like this evening) ill do a timed sprint up the local hill near my house (about 350 feet of climbing over 2 miles)...When i do this route i'd say i get my pulse up to about 92-95% max...being conservative...but i'm using 100% of my effort.

    I've got a month till the ride - should i change anything?? right now i can get 3 solid days of riding in, in between lifting days and classes.

    also, how should my diet be? I thought that slightly cutting carbs (around dinner time) will help me shave 3-5 pounds off before the ride...i figure the lighter i am on ride day the easier my weekend will be

    open to any suggestions

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    Ride as much as you can.
    Take one day off each week to rest.
    Ride Safe.
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