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    Increasing Power

    I have biked around for a while, but only recently have I started putting in actual mileage and trying to get faster. I have succeeded, to some degree. I am very familiar with cardio training and weights, but cycling is just a little new to me.

    Basically, I am trying to increase the speed I can maintain on the flats. Seems like a pretty basic goal for everyone. Also seems like it comes down to increasing power output, like everything else. I am not heavy, btw, so that isn't a factor.

    Right now, not having trained much due to an appendectomy a couple months ago, I often go out for hour rides and can sustain about 21 mph. At this speed I am spinning a pretty quick cadence. If I shift up, it seems more difficult to go the same speed.

    How have the rest of you gotten faster on your bikes? How were you able to increase your power? If only I could spin that higher gear at the same cadence...I can think of several ways to go about trying to do this, but just wondering what the rest of you have found to work.

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