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Thread: Pretzels

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    Fit in a Jersey pocket
    No unwrapping
    Salt for electrolyte replacement.

    What about it. Nutritionally a good idea to take pretzels on a ride?
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    There not going to hurt you on a long ride, and are yummy. But they are simple arbs instead of better complex carbs. So I would use other foods too, clif bars and the like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlatMaster View Post
    Pretzels...Nutritionally a good idea to take pretzels on a ride?
    Pretzels were the subject of a previous thread, "Pretzels for snacks?," started 9-18-08.

    Pretzels for snacks?

    I recalled it because I like pretzels on a ride. I have told friends that I like Bike Forums because I am often prompted to respond to threads about things I have pondered, even as mundane as pretzels.

    I posted to that prior thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
    I'm an advocate of the Zone diet, which recommends eating carbs and protein together, and I have a set of carbohydrate and protein combos I find easy and compact to carry for small periodic snacks every 20 miles or so. One favorite is fat free pretzels (Snyder Sourdough Nibblers) with a yogurt drink called Kefir, the fat free version.

    FYA, other choices are an apple and some walnuts (good source of omega-3), a mash of Kellogg's Special K and some non-fat yogurt, or a Zone Perfect bar or two. I even bring my own snacks on organized centuries with food stops.
    BTW, on re-reading that prior post, I noted it was started by xfimpg. We had a nice exchange on a prior Training & Nutrition thread about chocolate milk as a recovery drink. He was a staunch advocate, and I have adopted that practice, if you are reading this, xfimpg. Just yesterday, I was thinking hard about that chocolate milk awaiting me at the end of a 70 mile ride.

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