I am riding the Test of Metal on June 20th (about 40 miles of Hilly MTB). I mostly ride singlespeed and for the last year, mostly road. I get a dirt ride in now and then to keep up skills and balance, but my general program has invovled about 80 miles/wk of hilly road singlespeeding until February and then a boost to just over 100 miles/wk since then. My shortest rides are usually 20's and my longest usually 40's, but I have done a couple 60+ and one 100+. Now I am 2 weeks away and I am beginning to feel fatigued, less motivated and more daunted by the prospect of longer rides. I dropped to a 70+ week last week with extra MTB to get in practice. What should I do for these next 6 rides to keep up fitness and hopefully feel energized by the 20th. Should I keep doing road rides or just MTB or a mix? Do I go for anything tough or lower my mileage. I am 41.