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    Pain in fingers - carpal tunnel?

    I've been riding my CX bike around fairly frequently, and today I noticed that the index and middle fingers on my right hand have a dull pain when I bend them (as if I were pulling the brakes on my bike - drop levers - or doing air quotations), even when I hold and write with a pen (although it hurts less when I write). The dull pain extends from the knuckles of those fingers down into the middle portion of my hand.

    Is this a symptom of carpal tunnel? Is there anything I can do to prevent it or relieve it?

    I usually ride up on the hoods, and therefore have to squeeze my brake levers from up top, where it's obviously more difficult than from the drops. I think my stem is also a bit long (my lower back and traps sort of ache after riding), which I am planning to replace with a shorter one.

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    See a Doc. In the meantime, give it a rest, ice it down morning and nite for a few days.
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