OK, this is getting on my nerves!! I finally got my position dialed in (or so I thought) and when I went on a 65 mile flat ride two days later I am getting pain in my knee again!! I usually don't ride near that far or long, so that may be part of it, but I just get the pain on the inner aspect of my left knee. My right knee is fine. I was spinning a high cadance (95-110) [well high for ME]. I didn't get to stop for the first 25 miles and was with a bunch of guys who were into setting a world speed record (average speed was 24 mph). At the first rest stop I pealed off and took it fairly easy (18-22 mph).

All that said, my question is this: Could it be that I just overworked the knee and it is not a position, cleat alignment issue? Any suggestions about what to do? I have been using capsasin and taking my usual 25 mg of Vioxx with some mild releafe. Interestingly, it mainly hurts when walking up and down steps (mostly down) and doesn't hurt when pedaling.

Any help would be appreciated!!