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    Training for sprint tri

    Hi everyone!

    I'm going to be doing a sprint tri (1km swim, 5km run, 20km ride) in September. I already ride occasionally and do strength training 3 times a week. I need to change this up to meet some new goals. I know this is a short race, and won't require a great deal of training. but this is my first tri, and is hopefully only the beginning to longer tris. So please take this into consideration.

    Increase V02max, as this is my weak area
    More explosive power in my legs for hills, sprints, and running
    Maintain current muscle mass as much as possible. I'd rather lose the fat.

    Over training
    Training for maximum gains
    Strength vs. power

    6' 1.5"
    205 pounds
    ~10-11% body fat

    My current routine - strength training (6-10 reps to failure per set) 20 sets each day:
    Monday: Chest (5 exercises, 4 sets each)
    Wednesday: Shoulders (5 exercises, 4 sets each)
    Friday: Back (5 exercises, 4 sets each)
    Leg strength training is primarily riding, but will change

    Should plyometrics be done once a week? or every other week?
    Is doing strength/power training 3-4 times/wk with aerobic training 3-4 times/wk too much?
    Should I do aerobic training on the same day or different day as strength/power training?
    How do you integrate your strength training with aerobic training?

    Thanks for viewing and thanks for any input!
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