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    What Happened to Me??

    A couple weeks ago I did a 30 mile ride which I'm accustomed to, but I doubled my elevation of this ride and it was my first time doing this loop.

    I didn't eat lunch and I took 2 water bottles and a ziplock baggie of Trail Mix. I also rode in the afternoon 1-4pm. About halfway through the sun was out in full force and I had to ration my water.

    I was tired from the elevation but finished without too much trouble.

    However, for the next 10 days I felt exhausted, very tired, no energy and didn't have the energy to ride.

    What exactly happened to me? Did I bonk? Did I exhaust myself?? I'd like to prevent this from happening again.
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    Bonking is when you run out of carbohydrate when on a ride. You go from okay to very tired in the space of about 10 minutes, and you typically get mentally fogged as well. It's possible to do it in a couple hours, but I don't think your description matches being bonked.

    Since you rationed your water, it was hot, and you doubled your elevation, I think you just pushed too hard and perhaps got a bit of heatstroke. The prescription is to dial back your exertion a bit, acclimitize to the heat, and make sure you have enough water.

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