I have been cycling for a yea now with no systematic approach at all except for a couple of months when i trained with a coach. last week acquired a pt comp and today i did what they called a fpt i rode for an hour and uploaded my workout on the pc and this is what came out.
avg power 192
avg cadence 69
max cadence 97
max power625
avg speed 19.4mph
max speed 28.26mph
max torque 31.75
avg torque 7.35
I feel that i coul have been going faster but it was late and the mosquitoes were not letting me breathe real well a there was quite a lot of traffic but i did have the wind on my back on the second half hour of the ride although it was hetting dark. i plann to start racing next season but i need some advice on how i could improve. i am 5'8"-5'9" and between 138-145lbs adn plan too avoid crits. and concentrate on road races although i will do a couple of them about 5 years ago i use to race for a community college i run xc (4-5miles) and track 400m, 400h, adn the half mile so i do have some sprinting power but most people tell me that i should concentrate on climbing. i just want to be good all around.