Announcing iphone app public beta:

I'm making available for testing an iphone/ipod touch app I'm developing
for intervals-based training. Check it out here: (including video demo)

Basically the app does this:
Access public or personal workouts on the server
Load desired workouts to phone for use even without a network connection
"Speaks" the intervals to you for hands and eyes free use.
Optional use of tones instead of voice
Optional progress cues e.g. "two minutes remaining", "halfway"
You can exit the app and return and it will remember your point in the
abandoned workout
Integrated music player using ipod music library
"Ducks" music player volume to play audio cues
Per-intensity-level music collections (can be set to change music with
new interval of different intensity).

Registration on is free (as is the app in this
testing phase). Register to create your own custom workouts. Make them
public to all app users if you want.

Becoming a tester:
I need your UDID (unique device ID) in order to add you to the
provisioning profile for the app. The easiest way to do this is to open
the App Store app on your device and search for "Ad Hoc Helper". Install
this free app and when you launch this app it will open an email in the
Mail app with the UDID in the email body. Send this email to me at

I'm going to collect UDIDs for about a week, at which point I'll make a
build of the app with the UDIDs I received and email it out to everyone.
You will receive two files: a mobileprovisioning file and the app
itself (~600kb). You use itunes to install the app to your device. I'll
give more instructions when I send that out.

Ransom Weaver