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    Using trainers with bolt on hubs

    I recently got into cycling as a fun way to lose weight. I live in Northern Illinois and the winters are pretty hard. I want to be able to continue exercising with my bike through the winter. I am using an old mountain bike of mine that has a rear hub that is bolt on and not the skewer type. I am trying to determine if bike trainers will work with the bolt on type of hub. They all see to be made for the skewer type. I want to upgrade my bike at some point but right now it is not financially prudent. I have been looking at the Bell Motivator because of my budget right now but would be willing to look at others if they work with a bolt on hub.

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    they should work just fine. Most have a clamping mechanism of some type and a cup on the other side. Thus, the frame is the real point of contact and not the skewer...a skewer would not be able to handle that kind of stress.
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