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Thread: avoiding cramps

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    avoiding cramps

    i did an 18 mile ride today.. also climbed a large hill 5 miles in.

    generally that wouldn't be too difficult but i did a 30 mile ride the other day and i was still recovering from that.

    towards the end of the ride my legs felt pretty heavy and it felt as if an aggressive sprint could cause cramps in my thighs. i didn't get any cramps.. but im interested in finding out ways to improve efficiency so i can do longer rides and not pay for it the next day.

    ive read up about electrolytes, and found some good recipes for sports drinks

    i've made this drink for the past few rides:

    --3 spoonfuls of honey

    --2 spoonfuls of lemon juice

    --450ml cranberry juice (i've used other fruit juices here, i just had cranberry in today)

    --450ml water

    --half a teaspoon of salt

    would you make any changes to that, or change the quantities for different types of rides?

    what other things can i do to increase endurance?



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    I've been prone to cramping in the past and started out riding drinking only water or water and Gatorade. Didn't work for me, especially when it was hot.

    Now I put two scoops of Heed in each water bottle, drink a bottle an hour, and eat (drink?) a Hammer gel every 30-40 minutes. I can pretty much go all day like that.

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