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    What did I do wrong?...first race

    I completed my first "road race" yesterday. Not a true race, as anyone can enter, but an individually timed event of 90 miles. Kind of a cross between a regular race and "ride". About 1200 entrants, 6 waves.

    Weather was good, cloudy, 70 up to maybe 80 over the course of the race. I'm about 209 lbs. I've ridden a couple centuries, but never at this exertion level.

    Ate and hydrated well pre-race (water only). Small "Special K" bar at mile 18, PowerBar at mile 42, drinking plain water in good amounts. I wanted to eat another bar around mile 65-70, but my stomach felt very full of water and the last thing I wanted to do was eat. My mouth was fairly dry, and it felt like I should drink more, but I felt so "full" I didn't want to.

    I put out a strong effort to bridge a gap at mile 80, and that took all I had left. I felt like I really should have eaten that bar. The last 8 miles were brutal just to hang on.

    Did I drink too much? Do I just have to force myself to eat? Is there something that will help aborb the water better? Do I need to add something to my drinks? What did I do wrong?

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    you didn't eat nearly enough.

    since you were drinking plain water, you likely weren't deydrated - how soon after you finished did you need to pee? was it clear and copius? if you drank too much plain water there's a risk of hyponatremia (google it).
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