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Thread: One year ago

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    Last June I bought a 03 Lemond Zurich after getting my ass kicked riding my mountain bike on the road.
    A couple of weeks later I bought a wireless Flight Deck and then later a Polar S210.
    Since getting my bike computer I have literally logged every ride I have gone on.

    Today I was going back through some old ride logs.
    Last June I was riding a 12-15 miles (and being totaly excited about it, even though I was bonking almost everytime), not eating right or using any kind of control on my heart rate.
    It was the end of June where I broke the 20 mile barrier one time.
    July my entries were a lot of 17 - 19 mile rides with an occasional 25 miler and I was riding every other day.
    I was training for a century in November. In August I broke the 30 mile barrier. September 40, beginning of October 50, toward the end of October I did a 74 miler, beginning of November a 90 miler and then I tappered off to a 80 on the 8th of November a 54 on the 15th and then on the 22nd I rode 109 miles.

    My ride entries a year later for July are, 20-25 pre-work rides 2-3 days a week. A 50 miler on Saturday followed by a recovery on Sunday (if Sat. was a burner) or a mountain climb of about 30-35 miles.

    Hopefully this helps anyone just starting out who can't see light at the end. Read a lot about nutrition, training and use of heart rate. Eat right, train right and SLOWLY work up to longer rides, it pays off.

    I'm right at around 5000 miles for one year. According to the Flight Deck, my total miles are 4889. I figure I rode maybe 100+ miles before installing it.
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    Congrats on the good job!

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