First off, I have gotten some very good advice from this board.

I have been riding since March (I have been an on and off cyclist for 20 years) and my training was not going well. I was putting some miles, but not advancing as quickly as I had hoped or as I had in the past.

I had a bad week with two lousy rides in it. My legs felt fine, but I had no energy.
I am trying to get ready for a century, so I was upping my miles anyway, even though my body didn't like it.

I went to see a nutritionist, mostly because I have not been dropping the weight like I did a couple of years ago when I was doing the same amount of cycling. i knew I needed to adjust my diet.
I got a lot more than just the weight control advice I needed.

The person i talked to just happened to be a marathon runner. I found that my thinking on eating was completely wrong.

I took this persons advice. I had already planned my first over two hour ride for Thursday 7-22.
After the adjustments that were recomended to me, I started out on the ride. I had more enegry than i have felt in a long while.
I also used a sports drink (Accelerade) and a Gu on the ride. I had read before, and asked the nutritionist about replacing calories on longer rides.
Just past the half way point in the ride there is a corner where I can head home, or add another three miles to the ride. I was feeling a good headwind for the ride home so I decided to cut the ride short based on how i had felt the last time I pushed that headwind.
I shouldn't have cut the ride. Even as I got home I still felt strong. Stronger that I had after my last ride of half the time.

That ride I had rested the day before. This week I rode an hour and 15 on Sat and 2 hours 10 on Sunday and I still had some kick in the legs after the Sunday ride.
I didn't get a chance to ride on Monday, i would have loved to see how i felt for that. But my legs did feel a little tired on Monday.
Today i did my 18 mile loop and I did it with an average speed of .5 MPH faster than i have done that loop before.

If you are wondering about your performance ask an expert. It helped me a lot. Best money I have ever spent.