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    Premixing Infinit?

    Has anyone had any experience pre-mixing Infinit powder with water and letting it sit for a while - many hours?

    I'm hoping I can premix enough for 24 hours without it getting skunky. Anyone who's had Perpetuem that's been sitting around for more than 2 hours knows what I mean by "skunky"! Hammer (Perpetuem) and Infinit use different types of protein, and the nice folks at Infinit say it's okay, but I would love some first-hand experience with this.

    I'll try to keep it chilled, but not really sure that's gonna be possible. So, can I premix it in my water bottles for 24 hours?

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    I have not had any experience with that particular one, but similar to Perpetuem, Hammers head after about 1+ day starts to smell like window cleaner (Stains the bottle to with the smell). I would say in general, once mixing it you should be ok as long as its adjitated every so often. Once it starts to settle the problems set in so as long as its moved every so often u should be ok.

    In eithercase might as well try it, wont know until you do.
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