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    Request training input for Tulsa Tough "Deuce Jersey"

    Several guys I ride with and I want to get the Tulsa Tough Deuce Jersey this year. This is in June and to get the jersey you need to finish back to back centuries under 5 hours. Last year I finished Saturday in 5.40 after cramping at 80 miles and limping home the last 15. I rode close to 5000 miles this year and am looking for advice. I have been riding in the garage during inclement weather on my trainer with some of the Carmichael Training DVD's. The two guys I'm riding with are stronger than I am but its close. Yesterday we did 50 miles vs a good 10-15 west wind and came in at 19.2 avg. Most of the course we did is part of the Tulsa Tough course and has its share of hills. I am well aware of the need to utilize the group for the ride.
    Last year during the tulsa Tough I averaged 22mph the first 70 miles but the hills cooked my hear rate and I had to back down. Since then I have been riding harder and longer than the year before.
    Last year during the winter months I just ran, spinned, and lifted. This year Im on a Cycleops in the garage 3xweek with usually an outdoor ride in the 50 mile range. I'm 42 with a full time job and family to balance as well living in Tulsa area.

    Im not asking for advice on ride day, but training from here on out to get prepared.

    I have been working on the carmichael dvds with my heart rate and cadence. When they ask to ride sub threshold I have been at 85-89% of max HR. On the bike with these guys I look down and commonly find myself at 88-92%. Im totally cooked when I get done. Im thinking I need to get higher on the dvds?

    Anyone have any milage increase planns when the spring roles around that may help?
    I will check in throught the day. Thanks
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