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    Am I going in the right direction?

    I have been commuting for a while now, and have over 1000 base miles. I want to join a cycling team next summer, and I've developed a training program based on some information I found on the 'net to improve my riding. I'll be doing 3 weeks of training followed by 1 week of rest (rest both on and off the bike). Here is what my training week looks like:

    [ Mon ] 40 - 60 km interval ride
    [ Tue ] 40 - 60 km ride at zone 4 OR interval ride
    [ Wed ] Long, slow recovery ride: 40+ km at zone 1 or 2
    [ Thu ] 40 - 60 km ride at zone 4
    [ Fri ] 25 - 35 km recovery ride at zone 1 or 2 OR rest day
    [ Sat ] 75-100km ride at zone 3
    [ Sun ] 20 - 30 km recovery ride at zone 1 OR rest

    By the time winter arrives, I will alternate between stationary biking, cold-weather riding when conditions are acceptable, and gym sessions.

    Considering I am not training for any particular event or skill (i.e. climbing), does this seem like a reasonable program? Am I going about this all wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Looks like you've done enough riding and homework to get a lot of benefit by investing in "The Cyclist's Training Bible" by Joel Freil. I've only bought two or three cycling books, and this one is well worth the investment if you're so serious about developing a weekly training plan. Based on your post, your ready to take this book and run with it.
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