Got a 305 for Christmas and I've been playing around with the workouts. I would like to keep a "ride" as all one file, but I had some problem accomplishing that. After puttzing around for a while I finally was able to "program a workout that allows me to start at home, ride about 15 miles or so to the quite 4 mile loop I like to ride for intervals, and ride home after the 6 intervals, and still have it all show up as one "activity."

It took a long time to figure out how to accomplish this, or at least to get it to work the way I wanted. In any event, I wanted to share this, but not quite sure how. I also wanted to see if others had special workout files they wanted to share. I've done some searching in BF and google in general, but not much luck.

Here what my workout does.

6 Min @ 90+% HR max intervals, followed by a 2 min rest. 6 reps. The initial step, and the final step allow me to ride to the workout area (15 mi or so) and return home, all in one "Activity"

Selelct the workout when you start the ride.
1. Press Start (this starts the timer, and lets you ride as much or as little as you want. It says "No Target" but this step is waiting for me to hit 90% hr max. One of the display windows shows BPS needed to reach 90% so I can keep it down until I'm ready.

2. Do the following for 6 reps:
A) Ride in zone 5 (90 - 100% max hr) for 6 min.
B) Rest for 2 min
C) Ride until HR hits Zone 5 again
D) Repeat step 2a
3. When workout is over, ride until you Press Stop.

May not sound hard, but it took a while to get it to work the way I expected.

Now I want some workouts for speed and cadence. They have some built in speed workouts, but they look a bit lame. Anyone have any experience with them?

Any recommendations for cadence workouts?
May not soutnd