It started about a month before I even began riding this season, and believe it or not, I feel best when I'm on the bike. I feel nothing while on the bike, and it does not irritate it at all! The simple act of walking will set it off. I have no problems while sitting or driving. I will be walking along and then all the sudden bam! Like a bolt of lightning through my hip, I almost fell one time. It was just in my right hip, and now my left is getting sore, though no stabbing pains. I think it is from compensating for my other hip.

Looking it up it seems like it could be what they call a strained or stressed IT band. A hot shower does seem to make it better. Some days there is nothing and others I get the pain. No rhyme or reason to when it happens.

The muscle that it seems to be is the one you stretch if you were to cross your legs in a sitting position, placing your foot from the leg with the pain on the knee of the other leg. Stretching doesn't seem to do much. Walking with my leg fully extended and not bending at the knee helps it from happening.

Thanks for your help,