This sunday I'll be riding in the Broward Tour de Cure century. I've been riding about 100 - 120 mi a week, and did a metric about 3 weeks ago. I think I'm prepared, but I'm wondering about the nutritional side of the preparation.

I plan to have a nice big pasta dinner, and a light breakfast in the AM. I'll bring some homebrew peanut/honey gu (5 oz), along with 5 oz of honey. I'll have 2 24oz bottles with Hammer Heed, and 2 zip lock bags of heed powder for refills.

This is an organized ride so there will be lots of rest stops with all kinds of food. We'll probably stop 3 x, at about 30, 50, and 80 mi. I'll probably have a banana and some pb&j sandwiches at each stop.

When I did my first century on 12/6 last Dec, I bonked at about 90 mi. I wanted to have a nice pasta dinner, but we went to an Italian friends surprise 60th bday party. Now you would expect lots of pasta there, but no!

The food was all very good, EXCEPT for the only pasta dish, Grandma's lasagna. The pasta tasted like moldy cardboard. I could only eat a few bites.

Saturday night I'm going to a friends house for dinner and I told them I needed pasta, so they are going to have some nice baked ziti for me, as well as the other good stuff.

DO you think I'm "good to go" or am I missing something?