Ok, so I'm signed up for fun run/ride at the end of April and it is a 5k run followed by a 50k bike ride. I can currently do each event separately. Any tips on combining the two. One caveat though. I'll only have about two or possibly three weeks to actually ride outdoors. I have been riding on an exercise bike at my gym on my camp here in Afghanistan. I am on the short end of the deployment and will be home either the first or second week in April and will need to to kick my riding into high gear to get ready. I know full well riding for real is much different than riding on an exercise bike, but I'm pretty confident I've gotten my stamina up to the point where I can utilize my time before the ride, albeit short, to adjust to the different riding conditions.

So any tips on combining the riding with the running, as well as a somewhat swift transition into riding outdoors from an exercise bike?


PS: The event I'm doing is called the Twiathlon. It is in Athens, GA and it is part of the weekend of the Twilight Criterium, a most kick-ass race for anyone who likes to watch things go fast, turn hard, and crash. Not so different from NASCAR.