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Thread: Performance U

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    Performance U

    this winter I have been exercising at home. I was quite sick for a while, and just got in the habit of doing it there. Love the gym, this is just what I have been doing recently.

    Anyway, it has taught the old dog some new tricks. My variation on Nick Tuminellos one legged squat has really beefed up my knee stabilisation muscles. Which means I can do full squats for the first time in years. Not with much weight, but it's a big improvement.

    I also got some Perform Better Superbands and cut them so they would work as straps and do squats, deadlifts, arm presses, etc with them.

    I have been helped a LOT by Nick Tuminello's advice and exericses.

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    I use bands for isometric training. One of my little secrets.

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