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    Trainers vs. rollers vs. tires

    Ok, I see all the time people mention trainers chew up tires, but are rollers just as bad? I have a set of rollers that I rode regularly this past winter and other than make my tires silvery (which came off once I rode on the road) tires appeared fine with minimal additional wear. So I was just wondering if I should be swapping out tires.
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    I use my normal road tires on the trainer. No issues. One does wear the rear tire, however. One could argue that one should run a special trainer tire on rollers because they're cheap and you don't need flat protection and all the other fancy that comes with a good road tire. Takes way too much time to change tires for me. Maybe if I had an extra rear wheel, but I don't think I'd bother with that, either. I always have to change out rear tires long before I see the cord.

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