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    20 minute intervals

    after the long fall/winter build up, and all the longer 60 minute intervals, i have been doing the 20 minute interval 2 times a week on wed, and sun.i have been on a good plan, doing 3-4 weeks on, then an ez week. i even take off 3-4 days every few months..with no riding at all. i feel so fresh and relaxed. rest is the key that most racers neglect.
    things are going well. i'm very fit but want to get fitter.. without peaking.
    i was wondering if i should continue doing these 20 minute intervals 2x a week, or do them 1x, but start doing 1-2-3-4 minute harder intervals??
    thanks for any tip

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerdev View Post
    i have been doing the 20 minute interval 2 times a week
    I would suggest shorter repeats such as 4 x 6' with 2' rest intervals or 5x5' with 5' rest intervals. I doubt you can go hard enough in a 20 minute repeat to improve your LT pace or your VO2 max.
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