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    Opinions on training schedule, please! Running/Riding

    Hey BFers. I'm trying to rebuild my running base while at the same time getting fitter on the bike. Running I don't care about getting faster/better, I just want a slow steady base built up for the fall/winter, when I will transition into more running.

    20 miles a week for running is my goal.

    I work M, W, F, from 10-7, Saturdays 9-6, Tuesdays 10-5, Fridays and Sundays off.

    Here is a tentative schedule:

    M: Off

    T: AM Jog of 3.5
    PM B+ group ride at 6pm, 35-40 miles at 19-21 ave (though this will get faster/longer over the summer)

    W: AM Easy spin of 20/25 miles
    PM jog of 3.5

    Th: AM laps/intervals 30 miles or so

    F: AM Long run (10-14 miles)
    PM I lead a beginner C ride (15mph ave) at 6pm for 25 miles or so

    Sat: AM Sustained effort ride of 25/30 miles (solo 18mph ave hopefully)

    Sunday: This is my day for a looong bike ride, length more important than speed (60-100 miles)

    Too much? Do I have things spaced out evenly enough that with proper nutrition and fueling I can make this happen? I feel like Friday may be too much before Saturday and Sunday, but then again, it's not like I'm running fast at ALL (10/11 minute mile).

    Thoughts/Help appreciated!!
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    Your long run is way too long.

    If it were me I would jog 30 minutes 2x week for the first week.

    Keep the minutes the same and up it to 3x week for the second week.

    Third week increase the distance to 4 miles 3x week.

    Fourth week keep the distance at 4 miles 2x week and one 6 mile run.

    And so on. Increase distance, frequency, or intensity, but one at a time each week.

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    My opinion, 2 workouts a day is a lot, only having 1 day off isn't enough, and the long run is too long. If you're already in really good shape then it could work on paper, but could it really work as something sustainable in real life? Where you work, are tired, have errands to run, people to see, etc...i'm not sure. Depending on your fitness level something like this might be more of a goal to work toward instead of something to start immediately. Even at a slow pace, you're going to be putting strain on your joints, muscles, etc. and they will need to recover. The people i know that run in the morning (5am) and bike after work usually do their biking on a trainer just because they find it quicker and more convenient, they also go to bed at 9pm...but with proper nutrition and rest i do think it is doable, you might try it for a week and then find yourself tweaking it for the next week.
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    Find a good duathlon training program. I would say the fine folks on the triathlon board or any multi-sport board from other sites can lead you to one.
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