Maggie Lettvin was an exercise guru in the 70's. She nearly died in an accident,
the docs predicted she'd be stuck in a wheelchair.

They were wrong.

Went to a PT for Plantar Fasciitis the other day. Simple stretches don't
cut it for me. Nothing against stretching, it's just not enough.
The area should be warmed up first, and what better way than
to exercise it.

So I pulled out my old Maggie Box ( her book got printed on big cards at one point) and yanked out about 20 cards and started doing this morning.

Back then we bounced. Now bouncing is forbidden. So I thought about it (bad habit of mine). How can I deal with this...

I turned the Soleus stretch into a resistance exercise. You go up and down slowly, warming up the area by gradually increasing how far you down.
Then you slowly go down to the point where you are stretching your soleus.

Then do it again, but doing the middle half of the movement, and end with another stretch.

This won't work for a lot of things, of course. But strength and flexibility are
partners, or at least should be.

I worked on the road for part of the 70's and didn't have access to gyms, bikes, etc. I got it done with this.

Some of the exercises would be considered inadvisable today, but with a couple hundred to pick from, it's a matter of a minute to come up with a
couple dozen that will get the job done.

edit.. the title should be Maggie Lettvin revisited.