I'm not an athlete but I would like to get enough in shape so I can pass myself off as one. And I've finally come to accept that I'm going to need help.

I've developed spine problems because of running.....no wait. I had a pre-existing spine problem that was made worse because of poor conditioning. Yeah, that is more precise.
I've also got little nagging problems that is keeping me from pursuing hardcore intensive training that perhaps might get me to the point where I can start participating in races.

So I'm shopping around New York for a Primary care practice that merges that care with sports medicine for a comprehensive health care package.

I've found one such place in NYC that says they do this: http://www.sportsmedchelsea.com/index.html

But I'm not sure about this place. I was hoping any of you NY athletes might know of some others that might have the people and training and medical care that I'm looking for. A place and a doctor I can go to that would work every aspect of my health from general check ups to evaluating my physical condition and figuring what I have to do to get treatment to get me back on the road to training again.

So any of you New Yorkers (or Long Islanders for that matter) can help a local out?