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    Knee pain experience? What do you do with it?


    Yes many knee threads I know... but looking for some advice.

    Right now, I experience knee pain when my calf and thigh are at about a 135 degree angle. 180(straight) and 90(bent) leg feels fine, but in between my knee feels quite sore. Pushing on my knee causes no pain.. the pain feels in the "middle" of my knee if thats possible...

    So a couple questions:

    1. Who would you recommend to see about knee pain? I think I should see someone. But not sure if doctor is right person.. I'm a student so don't have a ton of $$. Or any sites that are good on cycling related knee pain? I tried googling around.. some stuff about seat height but I think my seat is at a good height already.

    2. Does anyone else have knee pain similiar to mine? Its only on my right knee.. my left knee has not had any problems at all.

    Appreciate any help,

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    1) Your leg should not be straight. At the bottom of the stroke it
    should still have a roughly 15 degree bend.
    2) Ice your knee after you ride, and take some antinflammatories (2 Alleve or 4 Advil)
    to get any swelling under control.
    3) Your legs have different length. That might be part of your problem. It's more likely your right leg is doing all the work; and it's case of too much too soon. You need to ease back into cycling.
    4) If the problem continues, go to your bike shop and ask them to
    take a look at the way the bike fits
    5)If that doesn't work, it's time to see a Doc

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    If you use clip-in pedals, do they have any float? Otherwise, I'll take your word for it on set-up issues.

    I broke my left leg in a car wreck in my mis-spent youth. The knee has never been right since. Every year, when the intense and long rides kicked in, the knee would develop this achy-dull pain. I would favor it, soft-pedaling that side, resulting in a particularly weaker left leg. I started taking glucosamine chondoitrin last fall, and while it hasn't completely prevented pain, it's been insignificant this year.

    My understanding is G-C works by encouraging cartiledge growth, which forms protective layering in joints. It's kind of pricey, and you have to take it for about 3 months before effects become noticable.

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