Hello all as usual.

My name is Michael, I am a 22 year old college student. I work as a security bike officer for local communities and ride a significant amount per week. I also ride at least 2 group rides a week at the 10 - 12 MPH or 14 - 17 MPH groups, depending on the day. I.e. some days the ride is on a day I go to work and 30+ miles plus 30 at work can be killer on some days (60 + miles in one day).

I want to start riding with the faster group (18 - 20 MPH) in a few months so I can think about doing a couple of beach runs (approx 40 miles each way) and stay in the faster group. Here is what I am riding per weeks and the approx speeds. Any sugestions would be nice...

Monday --- OFF... no riding
Tuesday --- commute 15 miles to and 15 miles home ... night 20 mile ride with club 14 - 17 MPH
Wednesday --- Same as Tuesday, no group ride
Thursday --- 25 - 30 miles at work on MTB, 7 - 10 MPH average patrol
Friday -- Same as Thursday
Saturday --- Same as Friday expect once a month 40 mile group ride
Sunday --- 35 - 40 mile group ride 14 - 17 MPH, same work 25 miles of so.

Consaervativly I ride 100 miles at work per week, (more like 120 - 130 but...) 50 miles commuting (14 - 17 MPH average) and 50 in group rides, that is about 200 miles a week. I am mainly looking to build endurance at faster speeds and also on hills.

Any sugestions... Thanks