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Thread: New Trainer

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    New Trainer

    This weekend I purchased a Kinetic fluid trainer. I have put my Trek 7100 on it an plan on riding the winter away inside. The question I have is about training videos. My trainer came with a free demo of the Spinervals. I am not into that. I was wondering if anyone puts out a training video where it actually has outdoor scenery. You know as if you were actually on the road and riding. Also I saw where there is a seperate thread for this but how do you determine how fast and how far you have riden since your front tire does remain stationary? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Put the bike computer sensor on the rear wheel. There have been a number of
    computerized video game like trainers that project scenery and a cyclist on the
    screen and let you ride along or chase the rider. Various scenarios, uphill, rolling
    etc with variety of riders to chase to select from, from pro level down to duffer. These
    are not cheap but not that expensive considering the interest and training boost
    they offer. You will need a Win type computer and reasonably large moniter for
    best results. Steve
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