Hello all I want to be able to ride faster. At this point I am able to ride long distances of road quite well. Long distances i

do between one to 2 long rides a week of 100km.

With a few shorter distances in between.

I am almost at point of able to ride well for the 100km, with no stopping, unless i stop to stretch if leg gets sore.

What I want is a plan or formula to work on or training plan to be able to ride faster. Increase my speed overall.

I am more of a recreational rider, no plans to race again soon, as i am not fast enough

But what would be an ideal plan to work by for increasing my speed for long distances? or just in general, any distances?

I ride often in large chain ring on harder gears, less spinning.

i am about early 30s male, 175 lbs, so what can you all come up as a solution/