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    good gym workout with Weights - plan

    Hello all I am lacking direction or a plan to follow. I ride on bike many times a week.
    Do one long ride or 2 rides a week on road 65 miles + or 100 km.
    and a few 50 km rides and one or 2 mt bike as well.
    I also like to split up the biking with indoor gym workouts
    just to use weights and keep strength etc.

    i usually do a one hour gym work out on off days once or twice a week
    or if i weather is really bad out

    what i need is a suggestion of a gym workout plan to follow as i am unfocused at this time
    something more cycling related
    i rather just do upper body.

    what i do right now is not use heavy weights, just to lots of reps and sets
    do a combinations of back, tris, bis, shoulders etc
    almost a small cardio with weights almost

    anyone know or suggest something that i can follow better or is more benefit to biking? as i rather not do any leg weights, then my legs be sore for my bike rides

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