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Thread: Knee pain

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    Knee pain

    Hi all:

    I'm looking for a little advice from the collective knowledge of the group.

    My best friend had to abort her tour of the Oregon coast back in September, due to severe knee pain. The pain was more than likely caused by an improper set up of her saddle height. She attempted to ride with her saddle too high, and with a full touring load.

    She's been to a PT, who determined that her patella was shifted, and was basically trying to ride with a bone on bone connection in her knee. MRI revealed this condition. The PT determined that part of her problem was due to a musculature imbalance, and prescribed exercises to strengthen the muscles on the inside of her thighs. According to the PT, it was a condition waiting to happen, and unfortunately happend on a tour.

    My friend decided that it would be in her best interest to see a sports therapist, for a second opinion. He had her bring in her bikes, and he would check for fit. His diagnosis was to raise her saddle a half an inch (!!!) and try that. He doesn't regularly deal with bikes.

    I've ridden thousands of miles with this girl, and it's always been my opinion that her saddle is too high, since her hips rock when she rides. She sticks with what's comfortable, and besides, she's had a fit at the bike shop, for whatever that's worth.

    The pain in her right knee is on the top part of the patella, slightly on the right side. I should also say that she's a bit flat footed.

    My thought is for her to lower her saddle a bit. In small increments. NOT a full half inch right off the bat.

    Please help.... she's been off the bike for 6 weeks, and is going crazy!

    Thanks, and peace,

    Karl in Tucson

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    It sounds to me that her seat is too high from your description. Regarding her knee pain, however, my understanding is that a too high seat is more likely to result in pain in the back of the knee, not the front.

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