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    Base Milage Question

    Hello all,

    I am just starting more race oriented training and I want to really work on my aerobic levels, VO2 max, speed, etc. before I even think of intervals, etc. Can someone define base miles and how many should I be doing? Right now I can ride 35 - 40 miles at 18 MPH average. I would like to be racing cat 5 in late 05, 06, so I am not in a major hurry for this spring.

    Training ideas? What kind of heartrate should I be using to stay in during these base miles (percentage) for optimal VO2 max and aerobic building?

    Thanks all...
    Just your average club rider... :)

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    I'm no expert or anything like that, but from all the reading that I've done (I'm also planning on starting racing next season) You want to build up your "base" by going looong times in the saddle 90-110 rpms, and keeping your heart rate right around 70% or below.

    MPH isn't really important at all, except maybe to judge how much stronger your pulminary system has gotten.

    Also, from what I've read miles are not as important as the actual amount of time that you are keeping your legs pedaling.

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